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Time to up my game!

While I've been sitting here each day, waiting for the second line to disappear, I have been thinking I should try and use the time a little bit productively and update my #linkedin account. Now, admittedly I am obviously a bit late to the game with all this, but I have just realised that so many people have loads more #followers to their accounts and I am lagging way behind! So clearly it is time for me to up my game and increase my #engagement and perhaps I have stumbled on

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I remember the first time Simon came to dance in my Care Home vividly.  He walked into the lounge and immediately connected to the residents.  I could not believe it when he helped a resident from her wheelchair and danced with her.  The elation on the lady’s face and the enjoyment of everyone in the room, made me so emotional.  A moment that I will never forget and an extra special moment in my time as Activity Co-ordinator.  Simon visits our home on a monthly basis, and he is a definite highlight for the month.  Residents and staff alike love him.  He is always upbeat and fun, and a real asset to any Home.

When Simon comes to The Reigate Grange to do Ballroom Dancing with our residents he certainly puts a wonderful smile on their faces, they all look forward to dancing with him.

He finds a way to dance with everyone whether they are in wheelchairs or unsteady on their feet or they’re all out to ‘trip the fandango’😊

It’s a fun and enjoyable dance session for everyone, they are exercising without even knowing, whilst listening to great music …. We love Simon!

Simon works in a very caring and patient way…we cannot begin to tell you what a difference he has made to our residents!

…he also connects with them…residents feel at ease and comfortable. 

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