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Time to up my game!

While I've been sitting here each day, waiting for the second line to disappear, I have been thinking I should try and use the time a little bit productively and update my #linkedin account. Now, admittedly I am obviously a bit late to the game with all this, but I have just realised that so many people have loads more #followers to their accounts and I am lagging way behind! So clearly it is time for me to up my game and increase my #engagement and perhaps I have stumbled on the answer by accident?!

My usual Linkedin activity consists of photos of me #dancing in the #carehomes or (what I like to think are) uplifting images about #wellbeing good #mentalhealth awareness or #dementiaawareness I normally pick up my phone in the morning and while drinking a cup of tea, create a little image and add a few words which I hope will inspire or uplift someone and help them through their day. However, today was a little different as I had my laptop with me. I was just about to do a post when a little box popped up saying "can you publish a newsletter for linkedin?". So, here I am! I have no idea why I didn't do this before, but it seems almost made for me! I have degrees in English and Journalism, have spent many years working in the publishing industry (and still do by proxy) and surely I have got plenty to write about in terms of wellbeing, mental health, social care, dementia and obviously Ballroom dancing and the care homes.

So here it is, my first little article/blog/newsletter, whatever I should be calling it?! I will try and compose something each week about my little world, dancing in the care homes and I shall try to include useful articles, tips and links to things that I think my be useful, with obviously the occasional photo of me dancing my little socks off!

Thanks for reading! Please follow & share. And keep an eye out for the next one!

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Mar 10, 2022

Great blog, newsletter thingy. Well done and so sorry about the second line!

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